Monday, 16 December 2013

I will support my LYS

I love an on line yarn bargain and its so easy to log on if I need a few balls of something for a quick project like the birth of a new baby, obviously there's never the right stuff in my stash.   Even using my bus pass the thought of travelling 40+ miles into town doesn't appeal much and at this time of year I am not prepared to traipse round the shops listening to Christmas jingles so most of my gift shopping has been done on line too. However, I was on the outskirts of Edinburgh recently having a belated birthday lunch with Helen and we came across a beautiful new local yarn shop. Be Inspired Fibres is full of luxurious goodness, cashmere, alpaca, all the things we love and there are beautifully knitted examples to fondle and admire.  There is definitely much to be said for experiencing yarn first hand and we were soon fired up to knit ourselves wonderful soft shawls and make gorgeous tiny baby items.  However Helen has made me promise that I won't ever visit the shop without her,  we will definitely be back in 2014 encouraging each other to spend in this little gem.
I've been enjoying the Channel 4 fly on the wall tv programme about Liberty of London, which follows this landmark department store as it prepares for Christmas.  

All the staff are amazingly dedicated people, who wouldn't be content and motivated working in such a beautiful environment,  but these two lovely ladies in haberdashery (love that word) are my favourites.  I have no idea what they are knitting but it looks as fabulous as they do, what a joy it would be to discuss your next project and select yarn with their help.
So next year remind me to stop adding yarn to my stash just because it's great value, to buy less on line and more in person.  You might also encourage me to change my glasses and wear more beads.

Photographs from Google images


  1. It is hard to resist a bargain - I have a rather large stash of yarn that was such a good price I HAD to buy it! I must make the effort to start using it ......

  2. So what I want to know is, are those delicious skeins your purchases?! Looks like you made some excellent choices to me!

  3. I have a very good LYS store not far from me, sometimes that can be a very, very bad thing! Are those new skeins? Pretty colours, what are you making?

  4. I am loving the Liberty programs too, I was in there on Saturday. The three ladies were there and strangely were just a little bit sniffy to me, which is most unusual, but they definitely were - stardom gone to their heads ???? Shame, hopefully they will be back to their normal selves when next I pop in.

  5. I've enjoyed the Liberty programmes, too. Must go and have a look in there next time I'm in London. Your new wool shop find sounds fabulous.

  6. Last night, I stumbled upon the Liberty programme. It struck me that all the staff were just out to make money and didn't really care about customers. I don't think that I saw anything about knitting though.