Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Quiet days here, fortunately after the storm last week that put our power off for almost 12 hours and brought down several big trees in the area, everything is calm and the weather is kind.
Having said I had enough scarves, I embarked on yet another.  I found this Rowan kit, pattern, yarn, purple needles and label, in a charity shop for £3, its Kidsilk Haze which is a gorgeous soft mohair and silk with some silver shimmer that makes it quite festive.  I made the scarf slightly wider than the pattern suggested so its not so long just enough to tie round my neck, its a thing of beauty.
As is my cable wrap, I have just 100 g left to knit, its big, its cosy, the colour is so flattering, I love it and can't wait to be wearing it.
Mr FF has been fairly busy, he had to repair the oven door last week, it just slumped and wouldn't close properly.  While waiting for replacement hinges to arrive he decided to give the door a good clean, unfortunately on the kitchen table where he burnt the top with some horrible chemical.  

The upside is he has sanded down the table and revarnished it.  He did the sanding outside then moved the table into the conservatory.  When I took a look he had re-arranged the dining chairs and conservatory tables bistro style in our eat in kitchen, made me laugh though no we are not open to customers, we are enjoying the lull too much.
And probably the main reason we are chilled is that the presents are bought, wrapped, cards written and we are set to do a Santa run to Yorkshire sometime next week.  Please let the weather be OK, that's all I ask this Christmas and I should get what I want because I have been good all year.


  1. That mister of yours just can't sit still for 5 minutes can he? Love the wrap and you would have been foolish to pass up the knitting kit for the price. Have a safe trip next week,


  2. I love how the cabled wrap is looking. And what bargain with the KSH! It would have been rude to ignore it! Safe and snow-free travels to you!

  3. Your scarf and wrap look divine and your table looks good too!

  4. Oh blimey, I'm still buying presents here. I've bought wrapping paper, though, and just need to locate the sellotape. Love your scarves.

  5. Härligt inlägg:) jag vill önska dig en underbart mysig jul och ett gott nytt bloggår:)

    Ha nu en fin långhelg.

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - Swedish decor, food, and fashion