Tuesday, 2 July 2013


We usually settle straight back into our Italian life as soon as we arrive here but this time has been different.   We were only back in Scotland about five weeks since our last visit, its not as if we've been away for months.  Perhaps we didn't rest properly after our long drive, maybe we started to socialise too quickly or the change from chilly Scotland to temperatures in the 30s was too much, maybe we are just getting old.  We return to our own house, our own things and lots of friends nothing new at all but somehow we seemed to need a period of settling in before we properly relaxed.  I know this sounds incredibly spoilt, it's hard to put a finger in what was wrong, whatever it was is fixed now.  And its a bit cooler, mid 20s, so we are cracking on as usual with house maintenance and gardening, a trip to the beach, long lunches with friends and lots of time outdoors.  And of course we are watching the Tour de France, how beautiful was Corsica.
However we are flying back to Scotland next week for a while, for goodness sake lets hope I don't get all restless again, I hardly know whether I'm coming or going but at least there isn't time to get homesick for either place.


  1. I don't know how you cope with all the travelling, let alone the acclimatisation. I hope it won't take too long to get settled again, whichever country you are in.

  2. This made me think back to when Malcolm worked away from home. He would get home late on the Friday, we had just about adjusted to being back together on Saturday, and he would be away again by Sunday lunchtime!