Monday, 15 July 2013

Sunny gardening

It's been lovely returning from Italy to glorious hot weather here in Scotland, lots of eating outdoors and plenty of gardening as the place has run riot while we've been away. There may have been some mumbling about spending a lot of time getting one garden up to scratch while the other is neglected but I do feel I'm going to get this one looking decent fairly quickly if the weather holds as it is forecast. 
During our first visit to Italy in April I'd put in some sunflower seeds, fairly randomly, so I wasn't expecting great results, wasn't even sure if they would survive. When we got back in June I was delighted to see at least 20 large and sturdy plants in various parts of the garden. 
Even better, while we were there they started flowering so I did get some benefit, unlike the broad beans here in Scotland that are bound to crop while we are away.  
My nasturtium seeds had also done well happily flowering in the heat. my tomatoes had all survived and were just about to ripen when we left and the geraniums are so happy, I never get these results back in the UK.
Mr FF did some more work on the garden where we took out some trees last year, he managed to remove more of the root and put down new soil and lawn seed to cover the patch. 

However, the ants had other ideas and by the next day they'd collected all the seed and were busy taking it into their nest.
We couldn't be too cross as it was fascinating to watch their organised system, some rushing round each bringing one seed to the heap while others dragged the treasure into the nest in the ground, teamwork indeed.
I don't have many more Italian photos to show you as my camera is not working, I may have to use the iPad to take snaps for a while but I'll do my best and hopefully get sorted before we fly back to Italy.  Have a sunny week.


  1. Sounds more like taking care of two gardens in two countries than a wonderfully relaxing retirement! Although they do seem to know how to party in Italy, and there's something to be said for a siesta. Hope the warm weather continues in the UK, about time there was a summer there!


  2. I love the photo of the grass seed all gathered up, and the last photo of the sunflower. We can't remember the last significant rain here - the grass is slowly turning brown ...... but we're not complaining!!

  3. Goodness, two gardens to manage, how do you manage to fit in all your knitting?!

  4. SO beautiful pics:) and thanks for sweet words.

    Check out my new post...summer memories and Shop Ruche:)

    Have a lovely day dear

    LOVE Maria at