Monday, 17 June 2013

I've been mostly in the back of the car

I haven't posted for ages I know, it's difficult to do so hurtling across Europe in the back of the car.  Yes we've completed our annual road trip to Italy, this time in the company of my brother and sister in law.
We drove down to Yorkshire for Esme's christening, which was beautiful, a wonderful service in the village church followed by a family prepared lunch for 80 guests at the local cricket club, children romping on the pitch and adults playing football or lounging on blankets in the sun.  Next morning we left at 6 am for the noon tunnel crossing and on into France.  We had some great stops, a gorgeous B&B in the champagne region, a dash through Switzerland which is far too expensive for overnights, a night on lake Como in a perfect small hotel with pool, a night on lake Garda, many many miles of tarmac and impressive scenery.
We arrived exhausted and spent a couple of days lazing at our house before Chris and Val flew back to Yorkshire and their farm yesterday.  Mr FF and I plan to relax today but no doubt I shall be in the garden which has run riot in 5 weeks and he will find light DIY duties to perform.  The weather is gorgeous, hasn't been below 15 ever since we arrived and a maximum of almost 30 up on the mountain, even hotter in the village and much hotter in Rome where we had lunch yesterday with friends after the airport drop.  So we are switching to our other life, the one with blue skies and afternoon naps, we will soon be recovered and have no plans at all to get back in the car for a while.


  1. All sounds absolutely divine (she says, looking out of the window at grey sky and pouring rain!)

  2. Lucky lucky you. Enjoy every moment of those blue skies and balmy temperatures. Don't rush back, the weather is rubbish here (for a change...)

  3. I am jealous of your weather! Have a fabulous time. Let me know if you need more Yorkshire tea or yarn - I'd be happy to deliver them personally!!