Monday, 3 June 2013

Knitting now - in a colourless way

I don't seem to be knitting so much at present, strange as generally the weather is awful and we have been settling down in front of the stove in the evenings.  Here's what I have done

I finished off a cardigan for a friend, there wasn't so much to do just a sleeve and a half.  Fortunately the boring front band had been finished and the stitching up didn't take too long, hurray for chunky wool.
I made this little bolero for Esme from the Rowan Studio book 30 using just 100 g of pure cotton dk from my stock.  The sleeves were supposed to have the same pretty band as the body but I didn't have enough yarn, don't tell Esme, they looked just fine plain.
A plain pair of socks for me using up a ball and a half of Sunbeam St Ives 4 ply.  I've made Mr FF several pairs of socks with this 80% wool 20% nylon yarn, it washes and wears beautifully and the subtle colour mix takes a pattern well, such a pity its discontinued.  

Finally this little cardigan for newborn Anna, another granddaughter for my friend Ann.  Its Puss baby cardigan from Patons, an old pattern that I liked because the body and yolk are all knitting together leaving very little stitching up.  The yarn is Freedom Gorgeous 4 ply by Twilleys 75% bamboo. 
All a bit sombre aren't they, just like this bloomin weather and sadly it's not much better in Lazio.  Things had better improve soon as we will be heading that way shortly, I'll keep you informed.  


  1. Something lovely things there, Jenny - I really like the little bolero, and also the pink cardigan - you are so clever.

  2. You have managed more than I have; I took yarn on my holiday in Argyll and managed to do ten rows of a sock. The reason being that I truly dislike the yarn. It is Rico printed sock yarn, mostly wool but it varies in thickness - very annoying.

  3. Lovely knitting! I havinng knitted anything for months, as I have been doing so much sewing, but I think I might just cast on something soon!!

  4. Well at least you've achieved something in the knitting dept! More than one thing actually. I've started on a bag.... I've made the bottom 2" wide strip! Is that your kitchen floor you're sitting on!!


  5. We're on holiday in Elba at the moment and the weather is not too bad, but quite windy and cool in the evenings. We're wandering around in cardigans, the italians a wearing padded jackets and coats. I had an old lady touch my thin cardigan yestrday and tut tut while shaking her head...i don't think she was admiring it somehow!

    Lovely knits as usual. I still have not finished Martin's jumper i started two years ago...all i need to do is the collar and fit the zip!

  6. You have been busy! Mind you, the weather makes it perfect for knitting. It's too cold to be outside in the garden. Where is the sunshine?!

  7. That looks like quite a lot of knitting to me with my zero output! We've had some lovely warm days here in the north east. Hope you've seen some sun.

  8. Blimey! Lots of stuff! Puts me to shame. Hope the weather brightens up soon for you. It's been lovely today here in Norfolk. Ros