Sunday, 16 September 2012

Just visiting

We flew back from Italy on Friday but only for a couple of weeks and my flip flops are packed away in Lazio awaiting my return, no I didn't leave them on the beach.
We've had a great time and so far being home isn't too bad either though wearing socks and jumpers is a novelty that might not last.   I started the garden catch up yesterday while Mr FF was out walking with his group.  Tomorrow we begin the renovation of our conservatory here, several of the double glazed units are blown so there is condensation between the panes and all 14 units are going to be replaced. I managed to dissuade Mr FF from tackling this himself, far too scary and not a suitable occupation for a man who turned 64 last month.   I want to knit something to take back to Italy for a new baby,  I need to think about Christmas as it might be November before we drive back to the UK and I must get my hair cut.
So no time to linger.  I'll catch up with you all over the next few days and tell you what we've been up to over the last 6 sunny weeks.  


  1. Lovely to see you back home for a bit. I totally agree with keeping Mr FF away from the double glazing. Luckily Mr JK knows his limitations, and the idea wouldn't even enter his head! What are you going to knit for the new baby?

  2. Welcome back. You won't be craving air con here, in fact it's chucking it down as I type. Definitely not flip flop wearing weather! As for the 'C' word...............

  3. Hello Jenny! Good to see you, if only for a little wwhile. Great to hear that you are having a lovely time. Hope the conservatory work goes well. Ros

  4. You're starting to sound like international jet setters, popping here and there at whim!! I would imagine Scotland is a bit of a climate shock after all the heat in Europe this summer, but at least you had a summer! Looking forward to more posts if you have time.


  5. So you didn't bring any sunshine home with you then! xxx