Saturday 4 August 2012

Tell me

Why is France so big
Why is Switzerland so mountainy
Why is Italy always the last country we come to

In Montreux when I insisted we stay in a swanky lakeside hotel Mr FF said he'd rather sleep in the car, but seemed to enjoy the view from our bedroom balcony.  Otherwise the trip was long, great stop offs with a visit to Portofino, which I must put on my list of overpriced but desirable locations (for himself to sleep in the car).

Now 6 days after leaving Scotland we are finally settled in our house in Italy, it is very very hot but lovely.  Mr FF has been busy putting up shade so he hasn't tackled the new sat dish, which in itself is a wonderful sun shield.   I'll let you know if we manage to get any UK tv.


  1. Sleep in the car?
    That sort of thing is for the young who still have supple backs that forgive misuse.
    Perhaps it might be judicious if you ask readers to make alternative suggestions of what a huge satellite dish could be used for should it elude it's original purpose..ha ha

    It's only the Olympics on TV...

  2. Well you could use the dish to cook a massive one pot meal on an outside bbq if all else fails.

    Definitely a vote against sleeping in the car from me too.
    Happy holidays!

  3. Glad you've arrived safely AND got to sleep in a swanky hotel en route! Look after that dish, you never know when you might need it! Have a great time. Ros

  4. I am surprised that there was space to sleep in the car. I hope that the swanky hotel had a comfortable bed.