Tuesday 7 August 2012

How could I doubt the man or his dish

The latter is temporarily situated in the balcony and we are receiving hundreds of new stations, including all the UK ones.   Delighted to be able to watch the brilliant BBC coverage of the Olympics  especially as the temperature reached 40 degrees today, a great reason to be indoors.
Delighted also when we called in at the builders yard to see the boss wearing the London 2012 t shirt we brought him.
Happy days, keep it up team GB.


  1. It's good to know that the dish works!

  2. Mr FF comes up trumps yet again!!! We're glued to the TV. Can't think what we did before the Olympics.

  3. glad you are able to see how well team GB are doing!

  4. Glad that the dish is working and that you can pick up the coverage of the Olympics. I am still jumping up and down after Chris Hoy won his 6th gold - fabulous. Enjoy the heat - it has turned almost autumnal in the mornings here!

  5. Good old Mr FF! Glad installation went smoothly! Yorkshire is doing very well as a county at the Olympic Games - I think I read somewhere that if it was a country on its own, it'd be in around 10th place in the medals table! Enjoy the sunshine!