Thursday 26 July 2012

On the road again

This week I've mainly been packing as tomorrow morning we set off to Italy again, this time in the car accompanied by the 1.2 m satellite dish.  As ever there are masses of domestic items to take out, new crockery, towels etc as well as a large variety of my summer clothes, that haven't seen the light of day in Scotland and deserve an airing.  As ever Mr FF hasn't started packing yet, he likes to brag that it takes him 5 minutes to throw his things into a case, but we have been known to go out shopping for clothes he's forgotten and every few days he'll ask me 'have you brought any aspirin, sun cream insect repellent' etc.  I rest my case so to speak.
To calm my nerves I've been knitting up odd bits of yarn to make these baby socks, doesn't take long to make a pair and they are really sweet
I've also been attending a 4 week jewellery making class, this is my necklace from the first session, it's the final class this afternoon and we're knotting pearls.  I don't think mine will be finished for the journey but I'm hoping to release a bit of pre-travel tension, just hope my knots aren't too tight.
Be in touch as and when I can, we should arrive in Lazio on Wednesday.


  1. Have fun with the knotting, perhaps you'll let us know how to do it at some point?

    Safe journey, looking forward to posts from Italy.

  2. Have a safe journey and a lovely holiday!

  3. Safe travels! I always end up packing for Mr JK, I think it's a man thing!! Enjoy the sunshine in Italy.

  4. Love your necklace. Have a good trip.