Wednesday 11 July 2012

In my car

I hardly use my little yellow car nowadays, its 12 years old and not so reliable but living out in the country it is handy to have a second vehicle.   This week we took my car to have the wheels restored and resprayed, mainly because the tyres kept deflating and it was recommended we have this work done but also it has made them look very smart.
I'm quite fond of my Lupo, its pretty inside with
cats and mice on the upholstery and I keep a variety of things in the very small boot and the various compartments, mainly left overs from my commuting days when there was always a chance I'd be stuck in the snow.  It never happened to me but once I wisely stayed in town, a neighbour attempted the drive home and spent the night in his car. 
I have a colour co-ordinated shopping bag of course

a mac, a torch, tow rope, a pair of lightweight coverups (in case I ever decided to service the car presumably), a first aid kit, a cosy wool blanket and two foil space blankets, a complete change of clothes including some running gear from the days when I did run a lot, even some sleepwear and two pairs of clean knickers.  There's some small change, a little notepad and a pencil and  maps of places I've never visited in my car.  
Toiletries, it's important to cleanse tone and nourish even if you are stuck in a snow drift.
So when I was having a clean out in the car, thinking I really didn't need all that stuff (will the downsizing never end) I was surprised to come across this roll.
Mr FF had given me a tool kit years ago, obviously I was never going to use any of the contents but he said it would be good to have in case someone came to my rescue without the right gear.  He'd forgotten all about it so he was delighted to have it back, said he'd often wondered what had happened to it.
Now I need to give my car a good clean and maybe think about just a few minimalist accessories.  Actually I'm quite surprised I didn't find any knitting in there.


  1. I love that upholstery. And that you keep skincare products in your car.

  2. You were prepared for anything weren't you? My car (smart) is twelve years old too but I can't think of replacing it, I love it too much.
    I like that fact that you colour
    co-ordinated your bag and upholstery.

  3. Oh my word! I love the upholstery. Ros

  4. My word!! Were you ever a girl guide? I can't believe how organised you are! I tried to keep a packet of biscuits in the car when the weather was cold, just in case I got stuk. The trouble was I kept eating them and having to replace them!!!

  5. Forgot to say, I have that bag too!!

  6. My goodness - I thought that I had a lot in my car ..... but you win by a mile!! Of course I have a quilt rather than a blanket!!

  7. You are so organised! Before I met my husband I used to have little kits of this and that secreted everywhere so I was prepared for most eventualities. However hubby is always losing his stuff so my little organised kits have all been rifled or pilfered.

  8. I love the upholstery too, and would have bought the car just because of that!
    You are very well organised with your stash in the boot - I really Should do that, as I travel in snow, but never quite get organised enough...and by the time I do, it's spring again! And like josiekitten, I kept eating the chocklit!!

  9. Your upholstery is adorable! Yeah, making everything color-coordinated is a good way to keep everything neat and organized at all times. How's your Lupo now? I hope you get to use it more often. A car that cute should be flaunted on the road! :)