Saturday 13 August 2011

IT and me in Italy

Not liking the iPad one little bit. We had big problems once we got to Lazio, purchased a mini sim which we were told would be operational at midnight but once we inserted it most things stopped working, in fact we still can't send email tho we can receive. Eventually yesterday we went back to the shop, found some one who pressed several buttons and at least we are getting some kind of action. No idea how to load photos to my blog, hate the fact I, a proficient touch typist am forced to hover and peck at the letters, hate this business of tapping at the screen which seems quite hit and miss. Surprisingly the machine didn't come with any instructions at all and since we couldn't get on line for help we have been very much working on trial and error Rant over.
We are now relaxing into the holiday, fully recovered from the journey and loving the sunny outdoor life. Apart from chasing round sorting out our IT problems which does make a change from chasing round the builders yards, or sitting in the local outlet village using their free wifi, we've not been far. However tonight there is an event in the village Nettare Divino where we will be able to follow a route through the old streets stopping off at various points to sample local products with a strong emphasis on the wine. There will also be music in the square and many visitors from Rome who have holiday houses in the area will mix with the locals to create a magical atmosphere.
I found the 3 day journey down here a bit stressful so I didn't do much knitting, now its far too hot which is a pity as I've brought enough yarn to open a shop, almost a week since we left home and only 50g consumed.
Mr FF seems to be relaxing at last, he did wash the car today but probably as a way of cooling down. He went to the local barber and had a very brutal haircut, which looks great and will certainly last him the 6 weeks or so we are here.
I am saddened to hear about all the problems in the UK, it is big news over here and does our reputation no good at all. Certainly in this little part of Lazio there is wonderful community spirit, great respect for others and I know that tonight all generations will be out in the streets, no one will be drunk and everyone will be courteous and welcoming. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, I hope to be back blogging soon iPad permitting


  1. Oh dear you sound all hot and bothered in this post. I have an ipad and love it but would never consider using it to blog, were you told it was suitable as I disagree. It is great for emailing, Facebook and other such applications but I consider writing posts which I prefer to do on Live Writer anyway beyond its capabilities. Buon Ferragosto and enjoy being here in Italy, forget blogging for now. :)

  2. Glad you have made it down there in one piece. Now go out and enjoy all the local festivities!

  3. Enjoy your break in Italy, I'd just put the iPad away and be a technophobe for a few weeks!

  4. As as touch typist myself I struggled with the Ipad keyboard as well. I invested a further £50 in an external keyboard which it sits on making it more into a 'proper' computer, and I can't recommend it highly enough - marvellous.

  5. Oh dear - isn't technology wonderful until it doesn't work!! Hope you both relax and enjoy your break. Awful to think that our country's reputation is being trashed abroad by the riots and looting.

  6. Oh dear! Hope the iPad probs are sorted. Maybe best to knit instead!!!! Have a lovely time. Ros