Sunday, 21 August 2011

So hot

A week has flown by, it's now 2 weeks since we left home. The weather is amazing, we wake up early to see the sun come up and it shines all day long. Yesterday the temperature reached 38 deg and it is apparently much hotter in Rome, no wonder half the population has moved out for the summer. According to our neighbours down the road who just arrived from the city this morning the forecast is for even warmer weather tomorrow which will continue throughout August. Phew.
Our friend Franco came out from Ostia briefly on Friday, we also invited his English neighbour who has been in Italy for 40 years but she refuses to leave the house until the temperature drops.
Mr FF and I have however found a bit of respite from the heat, we inflated the paddling pool we brought out for Amelia's visit and find that we can both fit in and lie down quite comfortably, though whether there is room for Amelia too is debatable.
The iPad is now almost fully functioning, I don't like it any more that I did when it wasn't working properly but I do like it better than nothing.
Finally, and you must have been wondering when this was going to happen, Mr FF has started a little project to coincide with the reopening of the builders yard tomorrow after the August holiday. He is building a log store for our winter fuel. This has involved moving some blocks left over from a previous project, taking out an old tree stump and putting the pick axe through an irrigation pipe before he starts the build. He is only working early morning and I'm not complaining as he brings me a mug of tea and I lay in bed reading for a while. Be nice to find out what all those lovely boys down at the builders yard did during the holiday, I'm sure we will be there very soon.
OK I hear the sound of hosepipe in paddling pool, must dash


  1. Oh to have consistently hot weather to need a paddling pool! Building a log store sounds like a trouble-free project to keep Mr FF occupied. Enjoy your days in Italy!

  2. We've just had our supply of logs for the winter delivered - it gets more autumnal every day! I envy you the heat and sunshine - and lying about in the paddling pool - bliss!

  3. I would love all that hot weather - its been lovely here today - but its sad that Summer will soon be over. xxxx

  4. It got up to 33° yesterday which is plenty hot for me thank you, but the news keeps churning out updates on the poor souls sticking it out in the city. I am so glad that we stayed put this year!

  5. Flash floods in Bournemouth last week;torrential rain forecast for tomorrow What's not to envy?
    Love the thought of two in the paddling pool.
    And the new project...why am I not surprised.

  6. Plenty of time for relaxing in the shade in this glorious weather so I am getting lots of reading done, now to write and post so many reviews! Take Care and enjoy the rest this week weather seems to be staying at around mid thirties at least until end of the month, hurrah.

  7. It is difficult to imagine what 38C feels like as it is only half that here which gives me no excuse for skulking around in the shade.