Tuesday 3 August 2010

Think on Mr FF

Last week Mr FF sent an email to one of our Italian friends, an engineer who lives in the next village, apologising that we hadn't seen him during our 3 week stay in our house. He explained that we only got to Angelo's village once, to visit the bank, and that we had been busy beyond belief while we were at the house. At the weekend we got a reply, Mr FF thought I had written it until I explained that I don't know how to forge emails

I'm sorry again that you have not yet fully grasped our lifestyle! Italian lifestyle! Fun, fun, sun, and not just work! This is life! You English?? Yuo have won some war while most of us, but then .....................
Joke, greetings also to Jenny that she must work in a beautiful country.. for you!!!!
Many Greetings from Angelo and Francesca
P.S. Next mounth we'll be in Normandia and Bretagna and Svizzera and Parigi for Holiday!

Actually I couldn't have put it better myself. We are going to Italy for two weeks in September, Mr FF promises we will have some holiday but then he's arranging to take out all sorts of flexible flues and chimney fixings and I'm not convinced. We deserve a holiday, we need to stop using this, the cement mixer that lives in the basement of our house and create this that lives in the depths of my imagination.


  1. Definately more relaxing and less building work. I guess our european neighbours take their holidays very seriously.

  2. Thanks for your recent visits and comments over at News From Italy. With all our visitors now departed I am catching up on my Blog reading.

    Tell him to buy all the fixtures and fittings for the chimney once you get here, then hope the local builders yards are all having late holidays.

  3. Well, make sure you pack plenty of knitting is all I can say! Hopefully you'll get a few days of 'proper' holiday this time.

  4. Just think when it's all done........

  5. We just came from our holidays in Italy: Florence, Tivoli, Frascati, Castel Gandolfo and Roma Roma Roma!
    Three weeks mainly in Rome, I'm still a bit crazy with all the beauty. We rented an apartement not far from the Vatican! Trips to the Vatican all the time - there we feel at Home.

  6. More fun, more sun... oh, yes! So glad you'll be going back to your place in Italy soon, Jenny... Happy days dreaming of the enjoyment! ;o) ((HUGS))

  7. I really hope you have a more relaxing visit this time. It hardly seems worth it to have such a beautiful place just to go there and work!!!

  8. Men always seem to not understand the word HOLIDAY, well the ones that I know anyhow, Lol.
    I'm liking ur comfy spot, I could see myself lazing around with a good book or two, and plenty of Sun. Thank Goodness for Imagination,
    And Thankyou Jenny for your lovely comment.......you always make me smile :-)
    Tracey (Beadywitch)
    (For some reason I cant leave a message the normal way)

  9. I'd dare say that Mr FF owes you one...big time. Only 2 weeks? Hmmmm...maybe we'll run into each other as I might be in the area just north of Rome in September. If I see a cement mixer outside.....!

  10. How about Mr FF fits in some chimney flues and you fit in an ipod, pair of headphones, some knitting and a deckchair - well away from the chimney flue business!?

    We have similar issues with cement mixers at the moment and a hammock on the horizon as a reward when we finish. Which should be in the middle of winter when the hammock is of no use :)