Monday, 30 August 2010

The Borders ... brum brum

Although we don't officially live in the Scottish Borders, we are within spitting distance of this very beautiful and peaceful part of the world, gorgeous scenery and wide open spaces. Well the quiet of the countryside what disturbed somewhat at the weekend by this lot. This is trialling an activity enjoyed by our our friends Carol and Alistair who take their little car all over the UK to drive it up and down hills. There is only one event of this type held in Scotland each year, in The Borders, so seemed a good idea to take a look and give them some support. Apparently it's not about speed, the aim is to drive as far as possible over a rough twisty uphill route without stopping or hitting the marker posts. To help each driver there is a passenger in the car who moves their weight around to get the best possible traction on each wheel. The further a driver gets up a section the lower the score, the one with the lowest score of the day is the winner.It certainly didn't look like a comfortable ride with the passenger often hanging out of the car or bouncing up and down to maintain momentum. Fortunately it was a nice sunny day, ground conditions were good for the drivers and it was warm enough for the supporters to stand around. As an ex fell runner there is a part of me that thinks running up and down the hills would be safer and healthier but each to their own. We enjoyed finding out about this type of event, previously we'd known very little about it except that Carol and Alistair keep a special vehicle under cover at their house and take it away on a trailer at weekends.
On the way home we noticed that one of the border villages was holding its annual show so we stopped off for a look and of course tea and home made cakes for less than the price of a high street coffee. The show was a much bigger event than our ours, this village has amenities like a shop, garage and a horticultural society so the standards particularly in the flower and produce sections were high. But it was the children's entries that amused me, I love the garden on a tin lid class and the winner of the vegetable animal was inspirational, an marrow octopus inside a pirate's treasure chest with grapes for jewels. Brilliant, what a nice day out.


  1. I do so love "make your own fun" type events. All very very imaginitive with more than a hint of lunacy! Thats the British for you!! xxxx

  2. Love the childrens' entries in the local show. The octopus is great!

  3. Its the time of year for village shows, ours is in a couple of weeks and I will be putting in some goodies. My hubby would be intersted in the brum brums! it didn't look very comfy as you say.
    ps did you make and felt the bag in your side bar? the one with the yarns in.

  4. Such fun, Jenny! Those trials could be a trial on those hills I expect! Love those children's entries to the show... those little gardens are full of life and creativity--such imaginations! Thanks for taking us along... Oh, and many thanks for your lovely note. :o) Happy Week ((HUGS))

  5. The car trials look ...interesting! Such clever and imaginative ideas from the children. I just love that octopus! have good week. Ros

  6. The car trials look like so much fun! I would want to be the driver, though!

    I love seeing your village shows; nothing quite like it here.

    Thanks for the great post!

  7. I can see the attraction of trialling.....I think. Love the show entries. (When we were at a show recently I did wonder about the skills of some six year olds. Thirty six year olds, more like!).

  8. Hi there, just wanted to say hello while popping in to your lovely blog. I'm from the UK but now live in Texas, so I like to visit blogs from 'home'. :-) Come say hi.

  9. Love the octopus!! It sounds as if you had a lovely day indeed!!

  10. Just loving these village shows! Nice to see the madness gene is alive and well is some of the British population still! I've seen bike trials in Somerset where they had to do a similar thing, only it was through woods and it was pouring down! The bikers looked like piggies in muck but they were all smiling!

    You know, you could always pack up your little tent and come and stay with me, we'll take you camping to beautiful places and there won't be a diy store or a piece of rubble in sight! I've posted my sunset photos today, shouldn't really tell you as they'll likely make you weep with frustration! We're also off again this afternoon for four days, probably shouldn't have told you that either!!!


  11. Such beautiful, lush, green country side! The octopus made me smile

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