Monday, 29 March 2010

Lovely arrivals

Lots of treats at my house on Saturday. At the same time as I was running my giveaway Marie was having her own event and I was lucky enough to win. This time the giveaway did arrive and the postie presented me with a package that contained a pretty card and lots of beautifully wrapped parcels.
Secondly my virtual niece Phoebe, now 4 and 3/4 years old arrived with her family for lunch as they headed north to Mull for a holiday. I had saved the parcels so that Phoebe could help me open them and very useful she was too offering lots of suggestions as to what they might be. We discovered lovely chocolate eggsa chocolate and a fruit flavoured face mask handmade soap, a lip balm and some hand creama gorgeous selection of seeds, including two packets of sweet peas which I love and some paeony flowered poppies a pretty tape measure that Phoebe found really useful for measuring every one's feet and a card of beautiful handmade buttons that give employment to women in South AfricaFinally and best of all Marie had crocheted me this lovely purpley scarf, I can't tell you how much I appreciate this, the colours are so me, thank you very much Marie for this and all my gifts.
We had such a lovely day and Phoebe went off with a few giveaways too, a pencil case with some stamp pads, chocolate eggs and of course a pair of socks that she modelled perfectly. She showed such an interest in knitting that I gave her a pair of large wooden needles and some chunky yarn. I cast on 6 stitches for her, helped her knit a few rows and she said she might make a scarf with the assistance of her Yorkshire granny.


  1. I'm so glad you like the gifts! I hope Phoebe left you some chocolate eggs......her socks are adorable!

  2. Fantastic give-away prizes, lucky you!

  3. lovely weekend. Hope Phoebe enjoys her learning to knit! Lucky you to receive such lovely gifts and gorgeous little socks too! Ros

  4. Wow, what a gorgeous selection of presents, how lucky are you!

    Looks like you have a budding knitter on your hands, how exciting.

  5. What a lovely lot of gifts - the scarf is beautiful!

    And Phoebe must be super-excited about her fabulous socks!

  6. Isn't that card just BEAUTIFUL!? Lovely gifts and lucky Phoebe re her stripey socks. Even better though, is that she went off with needles and wool........ :O)

  7. Oooo...soooo many lovelies, Jenny! So wonderful Phoebe wants to knit... those socks are so sweet! Have fun with all those treats... Happy Days :o) ((HUGS))

  8. Hi Jenny,
    How exciting to receive such interesting parcel's.....
    Nice to hear you had a little helper, kids are great, especially with unwrapping surprises....and it sounds like you have begun her Journey into the knitting world x
    Enjoy ur Spring....