Monday, 28 September 2009

Knitting now

Don't ask me why I've been so quiet this last week as I don't know the answer but I'm back now with a few show and tells.
On Friday I went down to the beautiful Borders stopping to take this photo for you en route. Ann's coffee morning was well attended and raised almost £300 for the Macmillan appeal. No one else had knitted blanket squares, and in a prima donna kind of way I was pleased there was no risk of my beautiful subdued colours being mixed with acrylic pink. I plan to knit a few more squares before I tackle the stitching together, ugh, I'll show you the finished result before I post it off.
Meantime, I've received a commission from a friend that I need to complete fairly quickly. I am knitting a man's v neck sleeveless pullover as a 70th birthday present. This is to replace one that was knitted many years ago by his first wife with wool from their own sheep. Understandably he is very attached to this garment but it has been worn to destruction and has more darns than original material. I could show you a photograph, it resembles some medieval garment from a museum, but I don't want to embarrass anyone. There is great concern that the new pullover is identical to the original, I have many measurements, photographs from several angles and feel quite under pressure. The wool however is a joy to work with, it is undyed Border Leicester double knit from Blacker Designs, the pattern is quick and simple, I've already finished the back and since its a wet day today I might be casting on the front soon.
And finally I have made this little jumper to give to Amanda, who I used to work with, she gave birth to a little boy recently. I am meeting her town tomorrow to be introduced to baby Stewart and have lunch with her and Joanne. Again from 100g of sock yarn, Amanda loves pink, so I hope this is pink enough without being too girly.


  1. I do admire you for taking on a commission with a time limit! I could almost guarantee that if I did that, something would crop up! Which is why I never do it any more, why I never plan anything any more. Do you find that you love knitting more when it's for you, and not because someone asks? I loved making my own cards, until someone asked me to do them for a gallery. I did them, but never again and was happy to stop making them to order as it were. They seemed much more fun when it was for pleasure only.

  2. It still looks so lovely and lush and green up there!

    I love the jumper, such beautiful colours. Just the thing for this time of year! x

  3. That little sweater is lovely and it sounds like you're making good progress with the commissioned pullover. I'm assuming you feel the same as I do when I take on cupcake orders and have fingers crossed that the end result is exactly what the "client" had in their mind's eye.

  4. It takes me forever to knit these days, and I seem to have run out of patience at age 50 - perhaps it will return. Meanwhile I'll have to be content with looking at the beautiful pieces that you keep showing me. They are lovely.

  5. Oh that's a very sweet little jumper. What pretty yarn!Sock yarn seems to malke quite delightful 'little people' items. What a lovely commission to be knitting; such a lovely story behind it. Enjoy your lunch in town! Ros

  6. What a gorgeous jumper, and what a lucky little boy! Infact, that jumper is really rather cool!
    I understand why you're feeling pressurised by your commission, that one is tied up with so many expectations. Well, you'll do your best, which will be the best, and I know the gentleman will be touched, thrilled and awed. He will, believe me.
    That's a beautiful yarn you're using, such an elegant colour, beautiful. While I do love my bright colours, I love a more subdued spectrum too!
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  7. Quiet is a very ok thing, we all need a little quiet sometimes. :o) Just glad you can be here wen you want to be and share, Jenny. :o) VERY exciting about this commission you've taken on. I love all that wool you've lately bought...that dark gray is beautiful. And such a lovely little jumper--terrific yarn and finish! I am having so much fun knitting lately. I finished knitting a shawl for my shop this week. And I've just cast on to knit a fun jester-style hat for our baby niece--thinking Christmas gift. Happy Knitting, my friend :o) ((HUGS))