Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Trying to appreciate autumn

Now that the sunshine has returned I'm really back on form. The sky has been a brilliant blue during the day, with warm afternoons that turn decidedly chilly around six. We have been lighting the stove each evening and in return for a few logs it keeps us cosy and provides a tank full of hot water. I've been busy in the garden and I have to admit I've noticed a few ominous signs.
The colchicum, autumn flowering crocuses and there's a clue in the name, are flowering furiously,
and this part of the front garden has definitely turned quite autumnal. The changes have been gentle, no harsh and damaging frosts yet, nature is easing us gradually into autumn. So accepting that everything has its season I've been looking through the bulb catalogues. I'm determined to make up a shipping order this year and put in lots more spring bulbs, especially as I've been creating space towards the back of the garden where they can be left to naturalise under the trees.
I'm thinking sweetly scented jonquils that I can cut and bring into the house to brighten the winter days, masses of colourful crocus, hyacinth for Christmas forcing and of course tulips.
I haven't completely given up on the summer garden though, still picking tomatoes from the greenhouse, little bunches of sweet peas and the broad beans continue to crop. I won't pack my flip flops away just yet.


  1. Like you I have noticed the small changes to the garden, and landscape generally. Many trees are beginning to turn colour slowly, plants in the garden are dying back and changing colour, the peonies are a fabulous red. The nights draw in, are cooler too, as are the mornings and thoughts turn to thick, warming soups and slow-cooked stews. And definitely hand-knitted socks, not flip flops!!

  2. I was feeling fed up too, until this lovely spell of weather happened. Cross fingers it will continue for a while! I hope you find some lovely bulbs in those pretty catalogues. The promise of a great spring show will be something to really look forward to!

  3. Have to admit, I do love autumn. I've started buying bulbs but, knowing me, I won't get round to planting them. Your crocuses look lovely, by the way.

  4. So glad you're feeling more upbeat. It really is amazing what a blue sky and some warm autumn sunshine can do....I feel just the same way about it. We are now coming to the end of our tomatoes. I fear the last pasta sauce was made this evening. I do have my woolly socks on tonight, as you're right , it turns really quite chilly at around six o'clock. Ros

  5. I'm determined to keep wearing my Birkenstocks until the end of this half term! In the meantime, I shall carry on knitting socks to keep my toes nice and cosy this winter.I'm impressed that you still have sweet peas and broad beans! Ours have long gone. Here's hoping for a lovely weekend!

  6. Bulbs are always a good investment as long as you don't have squirrels or deer that will dig them up and eat them.

    My tomatoes are still turning red so I haven't given up on summer as yet either -- I will hold on until the official date of Fall. I do like autumn though. I enjoy the cooler weather and the the beautiful colors of the tree leaves.

  7. So glad you're feeling lighter in spirits, Jenny... It's amazing what a little sunshine does! :o) Lovely, tiny things happening with changes of season in the garden there. The same here too, each day there is a new sign of autumn. We'll be picking apples early next week :o) Happy Day, my friend ((HUGS))

  8. The bulb catalogues have turned up here too. The plums have finished and the pears and dropping off the tree. Definitely autumn.

    Hubby and I have noticed chilly drafts creeping round doorways and I caught the waft of a lovely wood fire when I opened the front door the other night.

    Still hanging onto some hope for a few more warm autumn days like last Saturday though.