Friday, 26 June 2009

Look what the sun brought out

My cousin, the intrepid car booter, bought something for £25, got the seller to dismantle and pack it, asked if we'd like it as she didn't have room herself and brought it up from Yorkshire a couple of years ago. It had resigned in the garage all that time, the summers hadn't been that good so we never bothered to put it up but this year is different. I am retired now so I started pestering Mr FF as soon as the warm weather came and this week I got all the pieces out and laid them on the lawn.
I had to look at examples on the internet to try and work out how to fit it together, I don't think I'm spatially aware or maybe I'm just a bit dim. I was surprised that they are still sold and also at the price of them, anything up to £500. Can you guess what it is yet, these aren't all the components, but the metal pieces made this
Yes its a swing seat. I remember these from when I was a child, we never had one but I can recall visiting gardens that did and I always wanted one. Its very retro, the cushions are not as garish as some I remember, quite restful and very comfy
Nothing was missing, it even came with stays to stop it swinging and its own wet weather cover, such a bargain. We have it on the lawn where it catches the late evening sun, though its good at all times, a nice shady place to relax during the heat of the day and long enough for one person to stretch out. Weather permitting Mr FF and I will be swinging this weekend.


  1. Just looking at that swing seat makes me feel happy, lazy and excited all rolled into one! We don't have one, but I remember sitting on one as a child and loving it, so comfy, and the rocking motion so soothing. You got yourself an amazing bargain there. Happy times ahead in that. Have a great lazy weekend!
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  2. Very summery, I'd be very happy sitting in that comfy swing seat, gin and tonic with in easy reach, reading or knitting! Enjoy a nice restful weekend with your new garden addition!

  3. how lovely! perfect touch to a delighful garden :)

  4. Oh...a swing seat! Just the thing for slow summer evenings... It's beautiful, Jenny--have you worn "your place" on the seat yet? ;o) Happy weekend, my friend... and thanks for that lovely comment you left at my place and joining in on the giveaway! ((HUGS))

  5. Hi Jenny, Thanks for stopping by my blog. What a wonderful find that swing is. Your garden reminds me of my parents' garden in Northern California. I'd love to spend hours there just swinging...and knitting, of course!

  6. Your swing seat looks lovely!

  7. This reminds me the old good days in my mother in law's garden in Canterbury.


  8. Great bargain - and with a cover as well.

    If I had that swing I'd get nothing done. I'd be out there swinging away morning, noon and night with the three furballs squabbling for the remaining best positions round me.

    Enjoy your evenings swinging too and fro with a glass of wine!