Friday 12 June 2009

A day in Darlington

Every couple of months Mr FF travels down to Darlington for business meetings and I go with him. I'm not too keen on the early start but I do get some travel knitting done. He usually drops me off in the town just before 10 and I head straight for a coffee. His colleagues are amazed that I can occupy myself for a whole day but I love walking round the streets in and out of shops and if I get bored with that there are museums and a library to discover.
Wednesday is usually meetings day which is unfortunate as that's the day A Fine Yarn is closed but this last time we went down on Thursday. So I headed into the covered market, had a nice long chat with Christine, the owner, and came away with another ball of Trekking that I might use to knit a baby jumper
and this gorgeous cashmere from The Knitting Goddess who is based on the Isle of Wight, the colour is Dog Rose and its beautiful. Christine did offer to wind it for me and post it on, its going to take me hours because the yarn is incredibly fine but I didn't want to let it out of my hands. I came away with a pattern for a shawl and am assured that one skein will be enough.
I had a look in the Oxfam shop and they were selling baby clothes 3 for £1. I bought three rather horrible and worn out knitted cardigans because each had gorgeous buttons, look I got all these aren't they lovely.
So with the wool from Italy that's the stash replenished and I really need to do some knitting.


  1. hey Jenny, We managed to miss out on any snow, more's the pity, i was thinking about some cool winter shots, lol and beleive me id much prefer spring when its just right but i figure if we have to endure this cold weather then let there be some magic to it, lol.
    I love the colour of ur wool, very pretty, and yes the buttons are a great find, love the op shop's, The rabbits are my favourite........
    keep warm, xox

  2. A girl's day out, even girl on her own day out, is super! Love all the wool goodness you found... And those buttons are adorable! Those Peter Rabbit buttons are pulling at my heartstrings...Happy weekend, Jenny :o) ((HUGS))

  3. I've had a couple of meetings just outside of Darlington recently but only managed a quick run through Asda. Love your new yarn and buttons.

  4. Sound's like a fab day out. I love the occasional trip out like that, all alone! Wool purchases too just make the day perfect. Love the yarn! I 've used the Trekking )or very similar) to make a baby jacket and it looks great! happy knitting.

  5. I love those Peter Rabbit buttons.

  6. Oh love. A day in Darlington, you poor thing...

    ...but some how you have made good ol' Darlo sound like a lovely place to visit. Just shows what fresh eyes can do!

    I worked in Darlington for 4 years, and live just 7 miles to the east of the town, and never did I ever find such lovely buttons.

  7. lived..Lived....!

    Oh how the typing goes after one glass of wine late at night!

  8. I think you got an absolute bargain with those buttons, they're lovely. Just the thing for your baby cardigan!