Tuesday 2 September 2008

Silver Souveniers

I mentioned that my half cousins were staying in the house while we were in Italy, I didn't mention that they are avid car booters and really enjoy visiting the ones in this area. I'd seen a sign for a household sale in a nearby village hall and mentioned this to them though I didn't know exactly what a household sale would be. It turned out to be an indoor car boot type event and they had a great time. Bought some Wedgwood plates for 50p each and several bags of silver plated cutlery for 10p each. I had a search in the bags when I got back from Italy and picked out a few items, which I offered to buy but they wouldn't hear of it. I'm already a fan of the teaspoons you can buy with crests of the place they came from so I was delighted with this tea caddy spoon from Holy Island. Can you see it has a clock set at 4, teatime, on the spoon (sorry its such a bad picture, there's a manual I need to read one day).The shovel-shaped caddy spoon is from Oban and the little butter knife, that's what I'm calling it, is from Jersey.
The other two items I picked out are a rather nice pickle fork with a mother of pearl handle and a little mustard spoon. Everything except the clock caddy spoon is silver plated and polished up nicely. We worked out that each item cost 2p, a good 10 pence worth of anyone's money and having a personal shopper bring them home for you, excellent value.

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