Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Out of Sorts

Since we returned from Italy, and I'm beginning to think we should never have got back on the plane, life has been a bit out of kilter. I'm mostly blaming the weather for this, I've felt bitterly cold and we've had to light the stove every day. The rain is still coming down and I've hardly been able to get into the garden. I know there are many other things I could get on with but somehow the permanent cloud on the hills has made me feel confined and sluggish.
Major upheavals at home today, Mr FF has been sorting out his office. This morning Cleo was put out, she likes to sleep in her office basket when there's business to be done. She really took the hump and in protest slept on the front door mat, huddled up against the cold. When I put my head round the door Mr FF had the bookshelf emptied and moved away from the wall, he was under the desk with a torch swearing, so I went out for provisions. Everything was back to normal when I returned.
I even forgot to turn over the Amy calendar to September, how remiss. It's not the greatest picture of the ones I've seen so far, which is 9 honest, and has quite an autumn feel about it.That may be putting me off my stroke too. I had thought once I finished work and no longer had the 40 odd mile drive to Edinburgh and back I wouldn't dread the change of season so much, that I'd relish cosy days at home admiring the snow while producing rib sticking food or crafting away. But I've still got that sinking feeling as the nights draw in and the odd leaf is drifting off the trees. I'm off to make a big pot of mince and tatties, good Scottish winter food and its only September.

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