Tuesday 27 February 2024

Now look what’s happened

The positivity of my spring fever has diminished somewhat. 

Whilst looking through my yarn stash I came across a little cotton top I started I believe in 2022.  The yarn was a charity shop find, 100 cotton with the slubby texture I like. It must have been old because the balls are in ounces, it was very fine so I used 2.5 needles, progress was slow.

I chose this pattern Paloma by Lisa Richardson from Rowan magazine no 65 but didn’t knit the pattern at the front because I thought there was enough texture from the yarn, and yes because I like an easy life.  I did add the detail at the edge of the sleeves just to show some willing.

When I pulled the garment out of my storage box I was pleased to see I’d completed the back and was almost up to the arm shaping on the front. I’ll have that finished before we go to Italy I told myself and pressed on, still knitting the purple vest top in daylight, the white cotton in the evenings. 

Then I noticed that front and back are different shades, in fact the last few inches of the back are different to the rest of the back but the same as the front.  I checked the ball bands, they have the same dye and lot numbers.  How bloomin annoying.  

It’s my own fault of course. I am notorious for not checking my knitting.  I once  made MrFF a 100% wool tweedy sweater that turned out to be two different shades of black, he wore it non the less and I won’t be pulling this one out.  I might wash it and see if that helps, I don’t think it would dye as a gentle cold wash is recommended. 

I really should stick to socks, I could produce those in my sleep.  I’d say it’s my age but another lady in our building, aged 92, is still knitting the most beautiful and complex garments, she puts me to shame.  If I live as long as Margaret I have another 17 years of knitting disasters to look forward to, watch this space.


  1. How very, very annoying! I recognise that yarn - I too started knitting myself a similar garment (though I think it was long sleeved) maybe 40 years ago. It was abandoned as it seemed to take for ever. I think I sent the yarn to a charity shop more recently but as I live in the Cotswolds I don't suppose you purchased my cast offs.

  2. Hi, if the yarn is indeed 100% cotton it should dye quite nicely. Dylon do a good range, make sure to follow the instructions, and good luck! Best wishes, Lizzie.

  3. Hi again! I've been thinking about your problem! It may just be that some of the cotton has "yellowed" with age. You could try dipping it all (probably after you've finished the knitting) in a diluted bleach bath. Cotton is a very robust fibre. I have used this treatment with old tablecloths, with great success. I am just about to set to on a part finished knitting project of my own, discovered at the bottom of a bag!
    Best wishes, Lizzie.

  4. How annoying. How are you enjoying the weather?

  5. That's a real bugger with the yarn, that's why I keep to knitting small items.

  6. Simply beautiful! The weave is so delicate! I could never knit.

  7. Oh bugger! I once knit a really beautiful aqua cable jumper/tunic. Unfortunately after the first wash I found out it had to different shades. I'm still a bit angry, and that was over 30 years ago!!! It was really beautiful, but I just couldn't use it as I intended, at work. Funny thing, I might have had one ball of that yarn, too. I used to buy mixed lots of yarns from flee markets...