Sunday 10 April 2022

Who’s a lucky girl then

I popped down to the craft shop that sells some of my knitting last week, just to do a little stock up before we leave for the summer.  I phoned Barbara who runs the shop beforehand who said she had some yarn for me.  Knowing my preference for natural yarns she had allocated for me a donated skein of naturally dyed hand spun wool, that had me excited.

A skein was something of an understatement, she had two bags of yarn ready for me, I sat in her lounge where we tipped out the bags to discover an amazing selection.  Just look

100 g of the promised lace weight Blue Faced Leicester

9 x 50g balls of Freedom Gorgeous 79% bamboo dk

4 x 100g balls of Rico Starlight chunky

3 x 50g of Debbie Bliss Rialto Aran merino superwash

2 x 50g balls of Debbie Bliss Rialto Lace extra fine merino

14 x 25g of Debbie Bliss Angel or Party Angel, super kid mohair and silk the latter with a slight sparkle and all in the most beautiful shades

There is also a space bag so I can suck the air out and squash down the contents for packing.  It’s amazing that all this gorgeousness has been donated, I feel obliged to use it wisely.  Obviously a lot is going to Italy, I have promised to work hard to knit lovely things in time for Christmas.  Keep reminding me of that please.  


  1. Such beautiful colours and textures - I am hard-pressed to say which I prefer. There is a lovely deep royal blue.

  2. Very pretty colours, some will be knitted into hats and gloves maybe. Lot of knitting there though to keep you occupied.

  3. That will keep you going for a while, for sure!

  4. Some wonderful yarny delights there! Enjoy!