Monday, 9 November 2020

Cat on a hot tiled roof

Grigio is a fearless little cat, she likes to sleep on the window cill above our spiral staircase where she could easily fall between two floors or walk along the narrow top edge of the balcony railings also with a big drop.    It’s best to ignore her, especially when she does the walk of death, I hold my breath and look away.

Her latest adventure is climbing a tree at the side of the house and leaping from there onto the roof.  That’s not so perilous apart from the fact she can’t get down again.  Leaping back into the tree isn’t an option and although the house roof is at various levels everywhere is too high to jump down to the ground.  The first time this happened we started to panic, thought about ladders but then I remembered that the family bathroom window opens onto a lower section of roof and we were able to encourage her inside the house.

Of course it’s become a game, on a sunny day she happily parades round on the tiles no doubt admiring the view knowing she will be rescued.  That’s fine for now but if we are not here she’s struck.  Mr FF says he’s going to cut out the branches she uses as her launch pad, I like the tree and it will make it lop sides but I love Grigio,  needs must.  

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  1. As you say, needs must. It would be awful for her to get stuck there once you have left.