Friday, 13 November 2020

A mini break

As usual we went out onto the terrace for breakfast the other morning to find the neighbours’ gardener Peppe was having a bonfire below us.  Smoke started to drift up and then some ash.  He saw us on the terrace, shouted his apology and said he was almost finished, we didn’t mind and told him it was fine.

So Mr FF suggested we move down onto the new lower terrace which we haven’t used since we took down the pool.  It was delightful to sit there, different view, different table, as Mr FF remarked it was like sitting out at a lovely B and B, and the coffee was great.

So that’s the answer for all those in lockdown who long to get away, change what you have, same but different and it costs nothing.


  1. Very envious of your blue sky and sunshine. It's been very grey, damp and distinctly Novemberish here in the middle of the UK.

  2. Sadly our days of sitting outside are gone until next summer, it's planned a wet and windy weekend here, so our new seating area is inside, looking out on our garden. Your terrace looks perfect.

  3. An excellent idea. Did you swap sides of the bed too?!!