Saturday, 16 May 2020

Mad hair days

My hair was ready for a cut when we went into lock down and in some ways since we’d all be in the same boat I looked forward to growing it. I felt quite smug because I don’t colour my hair so no problem with roots, I googled average growth per month and visualised a pony tail by now. Normally my style is a very short pixie cut, about 3 cm all over, layered and sometimes razor cut.   In summer my hairdresser shaves it really short round my ears and the back of my neck so it was never going to grow out nice and even.   At present it’s truly awful and I don’t imagine its going to improve. The other day out for a walk with my hair blowing into my eyes, which hasn’t happened for maybe 20 years, Mr FF said I looked like our friends’ dog Yogi who is this breed.
I mentioned this in an email to his owners who live in Scotland and asked if they had any tips based on their dog care experience.  They sent back a photo showing Yogi on a bad hair day wearing his head scarf, made me laugh.
Other residents in our building don’t look as wild as me.  Several have grey roots coming through but generally they look tidy.  On tv news presenters and most MPs look much the same as they did before the salons closed,  I don't understand.
My hair has now doubled in length, I can shove it behind my ears but it just springs out again or my glasses mess it up.  I ordered some colourful stretchy bands to keep it off my face but it’s still too short to do anything but stick up beyond the band, making me look like a coconut.  I have grips to hold the sides back but that doesn’t really work either.
I know hairdressers may be opening in a couple of months but I’m not sure how confident I feel about returning, social distancing will be impossible, cutting round my ears could sever the strings of my face mask, or maybe the over 70s just won’t be let back in.  I read that hairdressing normality may not return for 18 months to 2 years, for goodness sake I shall be resorting to Mr FF's hair clippers well before then or asking Yogi for his head scarf.


  1. Where can I order some 'colourful stretchy bands' you speak of please? My hair is now so awful my son says I look Bohemian.

  2. On the odd occasion I look in the mirror, David Bowie as the Goblin King in the film Labyrinth looks back at me. Google it.

  3. Do you think, at a certain age, your hair grows only to that unsatisfactory in between stage? I’m certainly getting that impression as mine doesn’t appear likely to ever reach a pony tail length. If ever there was a greater incentive for Staying at Home!

  4. I have a severe case of 'lockdown hair', I might have to resort to wearing a hat so I don't frighten people when I'm Facetiming them!

  5. I had mine cut just before lockdown and yet it is still looking frightful enough to scare the horses. My only consolation is quite a lot of other peoples' hair looks awful too!