Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Now wash your hands

Chatting in a shop today I was told that hand sanitiser is being sold for a premium on eBay.  I checked, a 50 ml bottle of gel that cost 49p in Lidl is being offered via the online marketplace for £14.50, identical products.
I also saw somewhere an article on how to make your own hand sanitiser.  I didn’t take a lot of notice but I think it involved vodka and essential oils.  My suggestion would be to drink the booze and take a scented bath
Last night on our local tv news people in our town, where we already have one confirmed case of corona virus, people were being interviewed about their concerns.  Several said they were worried then there on the screen was our lovely 87 year old neighbour. Margaret.  Bright as a button she said she wasn’t concerned she was washing her hands with soap and relying on that.
Two kinds of people, I know which I prefer.  I’ve already told Margaret she deserves an Oscar, the opportunists deserve to be locked up for exploitation.
Mr FF and I have never used hand sanitiser, we use soap.   I was brought up on a farm where hygiene was never a strong point, I was probably exposed to a lot of germs, my immunity is high.    Neither my brother nor I have ailed anything and we are either side of 70. 
Don’t think I’m not taking the situation seriously, I did offer to knit Mr FF a mask.  He declined but I wonder if they’d sell on eBay? 


  1. \here in our little Dales town nobody seems particularly worried I must say - we all seem to be going about as normal - but we are taking hand washing to heart - I am singing Happy Birthday twice as I wash my hands - and it is nowhere near my birthday yet.

  2. Sometimes I wonder if we are being subjected to an experiment in managing a virus through the means of propaganda and media manipulation. At least if people are buying hand sanitiser as a result, they are hopefully using it. With that and all the hand washing and tissue use, there could at least be less transmission of the common cold if nothing else.

  3. I'm not panicking just yet (when my dad was five, both of his parents died in the flu pandemic within days of each other, so I could get twitchy) but the current situation has highlighted how poor some people's personal hygiene is. I'm contemplating wearing rubber gloves when I venture out. And I'll have a pink mask, please

  4. I like your vodka and essential oils 'usage'. Common sense isn't that 'common' is it.

  5. Putting in a mask order - purple with sparkles please! You might make a killing on knitted loo rolls too! Stay safe xx