Tuesday, 17 March 2020

It gets worse before it gets better

Yesterday afternoon Mr FF and I took a lovely sunny windy walk onto the moor.  to here
Photo from Happy Hiker
It is glorious up there with very few people around, although we did meet one lively couple in their 90s enjoying fresh air and a steep climb, well done them.
We came home feeling envigorated to see on tv the latest government advice on social distancing and isolation, plus the news that this virus is here for a while.
Mr FF and I are both 71 with no health problems and good strong legs.  We intend to continue walking while keeping away from people and we will shop only when necessary, probably once a week.   I also hope I can continue to use the library otherwise I will start reading my books collected for Italy.
Businesses in town are suffering, Betty's cafe is closed until further notice, community centres that provide a sociable place for the elderly and some sheltered accommodation are locked down too but enterprising bakers and butchers and some restaurants are offering a either a delivery or drive through service.
We are now getting our communal area, lifts, door bells, handles etc disinfected daily and there have been kind offers of help from younger neighbours if we are in need.
I seems we are here for the long haul, I am considering planting up the balcony for the summer and wondering if despite our regular exercise Mr FF and I will go a little stir crazy.  Day one of social distancing found me considering if it was worth getting dressed for the day, but then I always was a slob.  
In our village in Italy, where residents are not even allowed out for a walk, our wonderful friend Bruno has been out on his balcony singing.  
Keep safe, keep cheerful and keep well.

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  1. It is tempting to stay in pjs all day, but I am making myself get dressed! Stay safe and well. x