Monday, 8 May 2017

Breakfast treat

I love breakfast, its my favourite meal of the day.  When we wake before we get dressed one of us makes a pot of Yorkshire tea, I have one cup Mr FF two and whoever hasn't made the brew gets to drink theirs in bed reading. Eventually we drag ourselves into the shower, dress and properly set the kitchen table for breakfast.    For me its always a large milky coffee, Lavazza made in one of our many stove top espresso pots, some rough tough muesli and wholemeal toast with home made marmalade, honey or jam, preferably red.  Mr FF is much more demanding, he's heard to say I'm bored with this muesli before we get to the bottom of the jar and often cooks himself bacon or a poached egg.
So I was delighted to find these beautiful big cups recently in a charity shop, £3 for the 4.  I spotted them as soon as I went into the shop and I was thrilled to look underneath and see that they are Danish.

They are perfect for my cappuccino and making me very happy at the start of the day.  I expect Mr FF will be bored with them soon.


  1. Breakfast is a very simple meal around here . I set the kitchen up and then we go for our morning walk, somewhere between 1 and 2 miles. The prettier the day the longer the walk. Than breakfast. My husband makes the coffee using a French press, I have 2 cups, he had 3. We both have honey wheat toast made from homemade bread. I have butter on mine, he has blackberry jam and cinnamon.
    The only time we eat a real breakfast is when we go out for breakfast.
    love your big cups!

  2. I love them too but the trouble with me a such things is that I have far too many to take to my new bungalow and now have to make a choice of what to take there and what to take to the charity shop.

  3. The cups are lovely and you can never have too many. I've never been a fan of breakfast (maybe a bite to eat nearer lunch time) and always start the day with two mugs of coffee, one straight after the other, made using one of those bean (we order ours from the Algerian Coffee House in London) to cup machines. The mister, on the other hand, has his yogurt and berry with a sprinkling of granola breakfast ritual. It pays to keep out of the kitchen at such times.

  4. I love those cups - if Mr FF gets bored with them, I am willing to re-home them! Yorkshire Tea is the only tea drunk in this establishment and I'm a porridge girl. Muesli takes too long to chew properly and I'm usually in a rush in the morning!