Sunday 12 March 2017

Soft soothing knitting

When I started my latest project I wasn't convinced I was enjoying and after I'd used up the first ball of yarn I did think about ripping it out, now I'm loving it.
This is Estuary by Tin Can Knits, a shawl cum scarf with some shaping but not too much, mine should look like the finished article below once it's blocked out.
The pattern is in chart form which isn't usually my first choice but the designer has kindly copied the various pattern sections so they appear side by side as they are knit so I'm coping just fine.  Even though I have to concentrate I find it very relaxing to add a dozen or so rows every night after we've cleaned up from the days renovations in the penthouse.   
We are in week 7 of the works now but the bathroom should be finished in the coming week, the double glazed windows are installed if not completely finished and we have a new innovation in the hallway, more of all that another time.
I'm using up 5 x 50 g balls of Sublime baby cashmere merino and silk 4 ply that I found in a charity shop, lovely soft stuff that is going to make a cosy wrap. I'm telling myself this can go into the gift department for future giving, believe that if you will.


  1. Lovely pattern and gorgeous yarn colour. I'm a big fan of those 'To me, from me' gifts.

  2. The pattern is lovely. I like those leaf style, openwork patterns.

  3. That looks like a rather lovely pattern and I agree with the first comment about gifting it to yourself