Friday, 17 March 2017

Let me explain

In a recent post I showed you that I'd purchased a little yarn, there's more. Since my LYS decided to stock more fabrics and less fibres I've felt very let down that I can no longer walk out for 10 minutes and come home with new yarn.  So much so that I found myself recently without any sock wool at all, in the UK that is, I do believe there is a good quantity waiting for me in Italy.
This discrepancy was highlighted recently when I spotted this book at the library, 
which is also a 10 minute walk way and though I have many many books in the penthouse to read and dispose of, I was also tempted to borrow these two.  
I am currently half way through a 600+ page Jane Smiley but that's going to leave a big space when its read and left the building.
Back to the wool situation.  Cookie A's book is lovely with much useful information on writing your own patterns, not that I ever will when there are plenty of people to do that for me, we all know how lazy I am.   These cable beauties spoke to me immediately and must be made soon
these are rather lovely too.
So I've had no alternative but to order on line from Love Knitting an assortment of suitable yarns, I was offered 15% discount on my first order and free delivery if I spent £25, obviously I managed that by buying 5 x 100 g balls.  
The yarn arrived quickly in a useful organza drawstring bag with a 10% off code for my next purchase.  I should say now I'm not being sponsored to write this post but I do want you to know how happy I am with my purchase.
I've never tried this yarn before, Austermann Step, if feels very squishy, apparently its treated with aloe and jojoba to give a cashmere soft experience that last for over 40 machine washes.  So that will be interesting.
The Red Heart I've enjoyed before.
I chose yarns with only slight shade variation as I don't want too many colours to detract from the pattern detail.  
So I've moderately replenished my stock of books and yarn, nothing too excessive, there's still room for more if an opportunity arises, like my LYS coming to its senses.


  1. I think you did very well in getting such a bargain with the yarn. Good job!

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  3. No yarn shop locally here (Saltburn by the Sea is the nearest and best) though it's not too much of a problem as I'm not a competent or prolific knitter. We do have a library but must admit I buy rather than borrow my books. I've read Wolf Winter and I know I enjoyed it but can't for the life of me remember what it was about. Have a good week.

  4. So many sock patterns, so little time .......