Saturday, 28 November 2015

My garden

We may not have made much progress inside our Italian house this year but we made great strides in the garden.  My new border was planted up with plumbago, two bougainvillea, oleander, nasturtium and malva.   Amazing how quickly things grew in the lovely weather with the help of our irrigation system and it soon filled out.
I took various packets of seeds from the UK.  Some were not so happy, the sweet peas for example really didn't like the heat, they started to recover just before we left and might even be flowering now.  The morning glory were in their element and happily romped up the new trellis in front of the gas tank.
A 99p packet of snail vine seeds produced two plants that were greatly admired by friends and neighbours.  Having climbed several metres up to the fence on the wall behind the border, they produced these pretty flower buds

that opened up like this, so exotic.

All my pots did really well, it was a pity to leave them but I moved everything together at the back door in the hope Mario might water them if needed.  

I harvested the walnuts, invented a pasta recipe to use some of them and brought a big bag home 
A picture of the olive harvest in progress above us, our water burst was some distance above the green netting so you can imagine how difficult it all was.

Finally an autumnal view from the orchard and in case you are worried, we heard a day ago from Mario that the cats are still in residence and their food dispenser has been replenished.  


  1. A verdent summer! So glad the kitties await your return.

  2. I like the look of the snail vine, not come across it before. I love walnuts in pasta with Gorgonzola cheese and rocket. Delicious! Good to hear that the cats are still in residence.

  3. Your Italian garden looks lovely. Good news about the cats, too.