Saturday, 19 September 2015

Italy, now you've made me cross

Weather continues to be wonderful so on Thursday we decided to spend the afternoon at our local outdoor pool that is part of a large sports complex.   We first visited on 25 August and signed up for membership for the rest of the year having been told the pool was always open as they have a retractable roof.  As we drove down we noticed despite the heat that the cover was on, Mr FF suggested if might be because it was a breezy day and debris from the garden could blow into the water.  It was 35 degrees when we arrived to see that not only was the pool covered but there was no furniture in the garden.  I mentioned I didn't want to sit inside the cover as we approached the entrance, fat chance there wasn't any water in the pool and no one about.   We went to the office to be informed  that the pool closed at the end of August as the summer was over, did I mention it was sweltering outside.  We were told the pool would open again in October for winter courses and when I checked the completely out of date website I saw that the summer season doesn't start again until mid June, at least it didn't in 2014 when the site was last updated.
Strange when we took membership that no one told us there was only a week of outdoor swimming left.   Even more annoying that they turn away business based on the calendar rather than the  temperature and therefore demand.  We had to give an email address when we registered so presumably they could keep members updated about opening times and extend the season and their income accordingly.  We wasted an hour travelling to and from the pool,  we had expected to pick up shopping on the way back but of course the shops stay closed till 4 and we were home by 3 feeling hot and cross.  I have sent an email to the club expressing my irritation, I have no expectations at all that I will receive a reply.


  1. Oh how annoying. Seems a bit of a silly thing to do when it's still warm enough to swim outside!

  2. I was just thinking that I would comment "oh how annoying! ....... when I saw that josiekitten beat me to it!!