Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Extending the flip flop season

I don't suppose you want to hear that despite a couple of storms we are still enjoying glorious weather, that we've been to a variety of local festas, had friends for meals, been to friends for meals, eaten lots of our own produce, rather sick of aubergines now but still loving the figs.
You probably do want to hear that Marzia, our little kitten who was named by our guests before she disappeared, is doing wonderfully well.  Our multi level garden and terrace are death traps for a little one but despite one big fall onto concrete that left her dazed but otherwise OK, Marzia is now coping with all the steps, not wandering off the end of the terrace, eating proper food, tormenting her mother Lisa dreadfully and keeping us amused but sometimes terrified by her antics.  We are making efforts to find her a good home, which isn't easy here as everyone has kittens to give away but because she is pure white with a slightly ginger tail, strong and fairly well behaved we are hopeful.  Our black feral Theo is so good with her, tolerates being jumped on while eating and never retaliates, it is delightful to have all three cats around.
So days pass quickly and I am ever conscious of the changing season,  darker and cooler nights that at least make it easier to sleep and a general autumnal feeling.  Time for the grape harvest, the outdoor pools close mid September, no doubt the beach establishment have all disappeared for another year and the bars will soon replace their displays of gelato with delicious cakes.  Who wants to swim or eat ice cream when it's only 25 degrees - well me actually but it just wouldn't do, be liking drinking cappuccino after 11.30 am.
We have family coming to stay next week until October, then we shall start thinking about the olive harvest, driving home and Marzia's future, but for now I want to continue this warm and carefree life just a little bit longer.


  1. Aaaah, piccie? Sounds wonderful, its nearly pitch black in the middle of the afternoon with driving rain in London. I am sat with a woolly hat, scarf, woolly jumper, socks and slippers. The cat is asleep on the bed and is not shifting for anybody - you get the idea, still it is only September....

  2. It wasn't much above freezing here this morning!! Not at all envious of 25 degrees!!!!