Saturday, 8 November 2014

WYS at my LYS

It's many years since I've had a local yarn shop but I have one now.  It's 10 minutes walk to this pretty little tin building housing Eme, cloth and yarn, a fantastic place for anyone interested in sewing or knitting.
I had lingered outside the shop a few times knowing that I have many unpacked boxes of yarn in the apartment but one day I just couldn't resist going in to say hello.  They have an amazing stock, Rowan, Regia, Noro, all our favourites, lots of books and completed samples to admire, everything I need except of course I don't need.  I explained to the lady that I just wanted a look round as we'd recently moved, big stash, not much space etc but then she told me that all stock was 20% off in October and suddenly I was grasping some lovely locally spun stuff.
OK I bought a few skeins of this Blue Faced Leicester which is so soft, for scarves or cowls, and a 100g of sock wool just to see how it worked. 
Then I decided the sale was too good to let pass without a few more purchases, so I went back and I bought more of the same.
The yarns are delightful, as the West Yorkshire Spinners website says locally reared sheared and spun in Britain, in fact spun not so very far from where I live, one has to support don't you agree.


  1. I think it would have been very rude not to have supported your locally spun yarn!! You definitely did the right thing!

  2. A veritable treasure trove, you lucky woman!

  3. Nothing like a local yarn shop!!! Love those socks! Ros

  4. Sounds to me like you need to start opening some of those packing cases soon - or you're going to become a frequent visitor to Esme's sooner than you thought!
    Nice bright socks - be able to see him coming won't you lol

  5. You were only doing your bit for the local economy - that is to be commended! However, this looks like a very dangerous place so close to home!!! xx

  6. Brilliant, a local yarn shop as well as a local yarn, it would have been rude not to partake methinks! I've heard good things about WYS, maybe next time I'm in England I'll try and find some.