Tuesday, 18 November 2014


The last week or so progress in the penthouse seems to have slowed down and life generally has stepped down a gear.   We've had a good number of wet days when the mist has been down on the hills, a day when I can't see Beamsley Beacon seems like a day wasted, we use it's visibility as our weather gauge.  
We haven't been sitting out in the communal garden or out on our balcony, which is a pity as we discovered we already had two of these rather nice chairs. 
I had intended to plant up my solitary pot with some interesting winter plants but that hasn't happened yet. 
There isn't that much daylight coming into the apartment, there isn't that much daylight anywhere I suppose, so the few house plants I brought here are struggling though every day I move them to the french doors to catch what light they can.
We've ordered a swanky new leather reclining chair for Mr FF but of course it won't be here until into the New Year.  We have people coming round to talk about fitted furniture to increase our storage. Nothing will happen until into at least January. It seems that this time of year is fit for nothing but Christmas shopping, you know my views on the build up to the festive period so you might be surprised to learn that I have made my Christmas cake.  It's waiting too, all wrapped up in a tin.


  1. Lovely view from your terrace even in bad weather.

  2. Our Christmas cake is on the go too - fruit currently soaking up a considerable quantity of alcohol. But since Delia says so, that's ok isn't it? Hopefully the weather will improve so you can see your glorious backdrop again.

  3. I had a music channel on tv this morning when I was ironing - when a new programme came on I had to dash for the remote to change the channel, as it was something like the Best Christmas Songs Ever aaaaargh!!

  4. I've just ordered new furniture for my lounge which won't be ready until mid-January. Honestly, the whole world seems to grind to a halt for two months these days over Christmas. On the other hand, however, William has just been sent a hospital appointment (which we can't miss as they won't dispense his ongoing course of medication without attending) at 4.30 pm on Christmas Eve!!!