Friday, 24 October 2014

Mr FF cleans balconies

Mr FF kindly took it upon himself at the weekend to doris our two balconies. Firstly the little Juliet balcony at the dining end of our kitchen that looks onto the atrium.  The glass panel behind the French doors was a bit grubby, he did suggest putting a cloth onto a long stick to clean the outside but I was worried he would drop it or water down three floors so instead he managed by carefully leaning over and reaching up.

Then he decided to clean the sit out balcony off our lounge.  He brushed all the moss off the old stones and treated them with some anti fungal solution.  He took down my little string of solar lights which he said were out of keeping and complained about the black railings that are not original and probably not in the right place, he's becoming so conservation since we moved into a listed building.

We agreed that the balcony deserved some better furniture than the two folding plastic chairs we have at present but that can wait until next year.  I'm thinking black rattan armchairs but I'm not sure whether the guardian of our heritage will approve.


  1. What an incredible view you have and I agree black rattan would look good.

  2. Your views are gorgeous! I think I would reinstate the solar lights! We are now in your neck of the woods, staying in a cottage in Amotherby, just outside Malton. I'll wave to you if we venture over Ilkley way!

  3. When I read the blog post title, I had visions of a harness and a certain someone dangling. Phew. As others have commented, those views are lovely.

  4. What a fabulous new pad you have found for your new home - well chosen! Ilkley is a fabulous town - I know you are going to love it xx