Wednesday, 8 October 2014

A bit more information

I thought I'd show you a few photos of the interior of our apartment, its still a work in progress, we have far too much clutter despite the attempted downsize before we moved but the main rooms are acceptable for now.  The kitchen seems to work well but needs a good sort after my initial unpack.
Our bedroom is calm though with much less wardrobe space we need to par down in the clothing department.
The lounge is coming on, I do like the curved ceiling, the alcoves
and of course the doors onto the balcony.
The gas fire is fine but we have no idea how it works, the wires on the hearth will be concealed and I assume pretty flames will lick up between the pebbles - one day.

Of course there is still a lot to unpack and find homes for, the second bedroom is currently nothing more that a depository.
I'll keep you guessing a bit longer where we are, its a little spa town in the West Riding of Yorkshire that has a lovely moor where you should definitely not venture without a hat or you will catch your death of cold.
Our bedroom window has a lovely view of ..............?


  1. What a beautiful place you have!
    Have you checked to see if your refrigerator's water line is hooked up?

  2. I'm guessing Harrogate! (And if it's true, I might just call in for a cup of Yorkshire tea over half term. We have a week in Amotherby and I am looking forward to exploring Yorkshire!)

  3. Ilkley!

    You do seem high up.

  4. It looks beautiful, wherever it is! I'm afraid my knowledge of that area is sadly lacking so I'll just have to wait until you tell us where it is.
    Have you bought the apartment or are you renting? If that's not too nosey a question!

  5. It's looking really lovely already! Ros

  6. It's beautiful and likely to be in Ilkley! As long as your yarn has found a home the rest of the stuff can wait! But I still want to know where you're going to hang your washing lol!


  7. It looks lovely. Is this an interim home or a permanent one?

  8. Lovely piace:-) :-)