Friday 26 September 2014

Sometimes I amaze myself

3.00 on moving out day and I find time for a quick post.   
The packers arrived before 10 and now every room is practically empty, just a few boxes and last minute panic items to go into the fortunately capacious van. 
However Mr FF is perhaps not so organised, here we see his office. 
He tells me he will finish this off tomorrow while I am cleaning the house and that everything will go in the back of the car.
So we are spending the weekend in Pam and Andrew's lovely self catering barn but being fed and cared for by them every evening, just what we need to recover from this ordeal.

And fingers crossed we might be moving somewhere new of our very own on Monday but we aren't quite there yet, that man of mine likes to taking everything to the wire.


  1. Now I do call that impressive, blogging on the day you move! Hope you get settled somewhere very soon. In the meantime, have you got any plans for another trip to Italy?

  2. Good luck! Hope all goes well! ROs