Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Samples of colour

While the painter was here, he left a quotation and a colour chart for me to pass to my friend Pam who is going to have her kitchen redecorated. The colour chart is truly inspired, named Liquid Imagination by Vallti (whose paint of a different range we used on the outside of our house).   This is a selection of real samples, hand painted (I know this because our decorator had been involved in the production) onto card and mounted in the fold out brochure.

Sorry you can't read the names here, iPad let down
Lovely in itself but the names of the shades are inspirational, who wouldn't want a room coloured 
Pale Marmoset
Empty Wine Glass 
Pompeiin Bather
1950s Mist 
Blind Girl's Shawl
Edinburgh Shadows
The Screaming Sky

I am so envious of Pam having this heart lifting concertina of colour to browse through, I'd likely make my decision based 50:50 on name and shade.   I'll never pick up a printed shade card again.
Years ago before we bought our yarn online, I used to get mail order supplies from Texere in Bradford and one of the first things I did was buy their sample catalogue, which is still available for a small charge.  All those little fringes of thread, it was delightful to thumb through the samples and I still have my folder now.  It's always difficult selecting yarn on line which I do because its easier than driving 40+ miles to my nearest yarn shop.   I usually do a Ravelry search for finished items before I decide and often the colour when it arrives it a surprise.  
There's nothing like seeing and handling the real thing.   Sadly I don't think we will ever have a sock yarn chart made up of tiny knitted squares with glorious names but I hope some of you hand spinners will in future get creative naming your yarns, may I suggest
Mountain Top Restaurant
Rustic Gate
Bright Mementos
Dusty Library 


  1. I am always super-impressed with the names that Dee comes up with on her weekly Posh yarn updates. I have a Jamiesons colour card and I love the multi-coloured fringe!!

  2. I love paint cards, they're incredibly inspiring. And I've always day dreamed about names for things too! Simply Socks Yarn Co often has yarn naming contests, I've submitted a few but not been lucky so far!


  3. I love colour charts - used to collect them as a child! I do buy yarn online, but am often somewhat taken aback by the colours that arrive, as they have very little in common with the shades on the website!

  4. What wonderful names for the paint colours - it makes me want to redecorate the whole house ..... although as we have now been here 7 years it's about time to do the first rooms we did when we mmoved in.

  5. Those names do sound wonderful. I would be very likely to be influenced by the name ;-) x

  6. Empty Wine Glass sounds intriguing lol

    There are times I wish the embroidery floss/threads manufacturers made a similar pack to the fringed yarn ones. They really aren't the same colour as the charts.
    Take care

    Cathy @ Still Waters

  7. We rescued a pair of cats some fifteen years ago and I was searching around for names, a leaflet containing paint samples was sitting on the kitchen table so I started to browse through the green section, thinking that these were very much outdoor cats and so Bramble and Willow were named.

  8. To chose paint for walls Is the hardest thing of all haha:) I nerev knew there were so many shades of white until I painted my appartment:)

    Check out my new post..Modern Swedish living:)

    and have a great week dear:)

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - inredning it's, Swedish for decor