Sunday 9 December 2012

Home at last

We had what Mr FF would call a picturesque drive back from Italy, lots of snow on the alps but fortunately none on the roads, more snow and freezing temperatures in France, blizzards over Bowes Moor on the A66.  Finally we arrived home to discover our driveway covered in sheet ice, several attempts to get the car up, then we could barely climb the steps to the front door.  As I said picturesque.
Our stop overs were perfect, one night in a modern efficient Novotel outside Milan, one in a delightful French B&B, two nights in Yorkshire with my brother where we met our new grand niece and sister for Amelia, Esme Sophia arrived while we were away and is now 3 weeks old. 
The enthusiasm to be back didn't last long,  we both have colds, haven't had one of those for ages, feeling drained and lethargic.   The central heating isn't working in the bedrooms, which isn't a major problem but means Mr FF is going to have to go under the floorboards at some stage to check things. 
Then there's the small matter of Christmas.  I have told my family they will all get an Italian lucky bag this year, odds and sods I've picked up for them.  I'm also rootling through cupboards for anything to add, I just can't face going to the shops though I will have to go out soon as we don't have much food in the house.  Today knitting in front of the fire calls, though I must catch up with all your blogs so please don't be posting about how organised you are for the festive period it will only depress me.
Proper photos etc later in the week meantime I hope this one makes you feel warm, enjoy your Sunday.


  1. Glad you are home safe and sound. Looking forward to your photos. xxxx

  2. Welcome home, Jenny. It's not a great time of year to come home, is it? I hate the winter and the cold, am definitely a hot weather person. Have really enjoyed reading about your time in Italy - it sounds perfect.

  3. Welcome back Jenny! Your exploits in Italy are always a source of good entertainment, but it's good to know you are home safely and ........ unready ;-) for Christmas! Ros

  4. bj from LaCollne9 December 2012 at 18:13

    So glad you landed safely, even if a little slippery. Welcome, too, to Esme Sophia. Sorry about the head colds; seems to be the gift of December for many. Rest, warm liquids, and wishes for a fast recovery.

  5. Welcome back and hope you get rid of those colds sharpish (and thank goodness it isn't that nasty winter vomiting bug which seems to be doing the rounds).

  6. I am so glad that you had a safe journey, I hate driving when there is snow about even if it is not on the roads. Sorry to hear about the colds though.

  7. So I take it the flip flops are packed away once more? Sounds like a wonderful and typical welcome home unfortunately, and as for Christmas, it'll be alright on the night, as they say! How lovely to have a new little Great Niece, someone else to knit for.


  8. Glad you made it home in one piece. How lovely to have a new baby in the family! I shouldn't worry too much about Christmas, it will happen whether or not you are ready for it! Just go with the flow!