Saturday 22 December 2012

All is calm

Still no proper computer, the local IT man couldn't fix ours so Mr FF is doing extensive investigation and there are lots of pieces from the machine on his desk. I am a bit fed up that I'm neglecting my blog and my friends, normal service will be resumed eventually so please hang on.
Meantime we've been down to Yorkshire on a Santa run and the heating is fixed.  This did involve three attempts to get under the floor boards and taking up the hall carpet that was only fitted, beautifully last year.  So Mr FF, never knowingly defeated, has sourced one of those kicker things and hopes to have the carpet reinstated for Christmas.
Speaking of which, I have made the usual half hearted effort for the festive period.    We have abandoned our usual £5 stockings and decided not to give each other presents at all.   I sent a cheque to charity and feel quite sanctimonious, also relieved not to have to traipse round the shops or add more items to our household.
We have two large steaks for Christmas dinner, cake, chocolates and drink, I hope you have enough too.


  1. Pleased to hear that your heating is sorted. I think you sound ready to batten down the hatches and enjoy the next few days. Christmas dinner, cake, chocolates and drink - sounds pretty perfect to me! Have a good time!

  2. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. Have a great Christmas sounds like you have everything sorted! X