Wednesday 27 June 2012

One step forwards two steps backwards

I didn't tell you that during our previous trip to Italy in March Mr FF got chatting to an English man in an electrical shop who had lived in Italy for 30 years and told Mr FF that he was able to receive UK tv on a 1.2 m satellite dish including BBC.  Mr FF was obviously intrigued by this and when we were back in Italy in May he managed to purchase on eBay Italia a similar dish that was delivered to our house.  Suffice it to say that we didn't receive any more stations on the tv than we were getting with our existing two dishes.  He rigged up the new larger dish on the terrace as a temporary measure but there was no increase in our available watching choices.  
Still nothing wasted, as I remarked at the time the dish makes an acceptable sunshade if you positioned a chair underneath it.  Mr FF dismantled the contraption before we left.
Yesterday he was back on eBay UK and has now purchased another 1.2 m dish that he tells me is a much better specification and will probably do the trick.  We have to travel up to Stirling to collect it and transport it out to Italy, assuming it and we and our luggage can all fit in the car.  
On a more positive note I have finished and delivered to her Gran the two little cardigans for Millie.
And not quite so positively in light of my last downsizing post, I have purchased a selection of unnecessary plastic items from the Ikea sale, twice as much as shown in the photograph, the other half together with a set of salad servers is destined for Italy car space permitting, . Nothing cost more than 20p so how could I refuse.  Peppers are the models own or should that be a serving suggestion. 


  1. I feel your frustration over the satellite dish. I hope the new one works! As for the Ikea bargains, well, they will be perfect for all those Italian al fresco picnics, so I consider them an essential purchase!!

  2. Hope the dish solves the problem - it is good to have access to the news from home if you are away for a while.
    We are working up to a trip to Ikea - no doubt we will come home with several dozen tealights!

  3. Hmm! Those are IKEA items were an excellent bargain and look so jolly with the peppers in. Perfect for Italy!!! Ros

  4. It's plates with me. Can't stop buying them. At this rate we'll be up-sizing.