Thursday 14 June 2012

Knitting now

This is an unfinished articles post, I'm blaming my lack of knitting progress on Euro 2012, the bloomin football is on tv every evening at the moment.  Mr FF is managing to watch two matches per night and although we have more than one tv because the weather is so awful we are both sitting in front of the stove in the family room neither prepared to move away from the heat.  So I'm not settling down as normal and not doing much knitting.
I did produce a couple of pairs of socks while we were in Italy, patterns and yarns I've used before so you don't need to see them.
Since we returned I've made this little wrap top for Pam's latest grandchild who was born on Sunday 03 June, the day of the Jubilee celebrations on the River Thames.  I suggested the little girl be called Pageant but apparently they have gone for Millie.  I need to stitch it up but that's not my favourite part of knitting, I've been spoilt by socks, so I've  started a little bolero top for the baby too.
Meantime Mr FF hasn't been well, suffering the same kind of bladder infection as Prince Philip, though sadly Princes Harry and William haven't been here to visit.  I was at the dentist this morning, Mr FF said he would like a run out, he's not driving at the moment as one of his symptoms, in addition to moaning a lot, is dizzy spells.  He seems to enjoy being driven round, says he sees a lot more and today there were only 3 criticisms of my driving as opposed to 4 when we went out on Sunday.  After my visit to the dentist, no treatment needed, we went to New Lanark, a lovely UNESCO world heritage village that Andamento wrote so well about recently with some great photos, I of course forgot my camera.  
After a coffee and scone each in the cafe, gorgeous industrial architecture,  we achieved the main purpose of our visit, to buy some yarn to knit Mr FF a new jumper.  I really like supporting New Lanark, their yarn is lovely, using British wool and traditional methods and its as economic for us to visit as pay postage plus we get a nice trip out. 
Mr FF chose the graphite dk with 10% silk he had for his last jumper, said he wanted exactly the same plain round neck he had before, simple.
Wouldn't it be nice to sit down of an evening in front of the fire and watch some gripping drama whilst knitting away but oh no, apparently we are not much more than half way through the two matches per night stage of the competition, that boy might have a long wait for his new jumper.


  1. Most inconsiderate of Wills and Harry not to pop in. Hope Mr FF is on the mend, nothing worse than a sickly husband in my view!! Maybe Mr FF will lose interest in the football if his teams get eliminated?

  2. I remember knitting the mister a sweater once. It would have fit, too, if he'd had arms down to his knees. Actually, I don't think you're missing much on the telly at the moment. I think I'm going to have to dig out some DVDs.

  3. The wool at New Lanark did look lovely and I liked how it was locally produced. I loved seeing the carding machine from the shop - fascinating! I was visiting without a project in mind so didn't invest. When I do eventually manage to knit well enough to create a garment I think I'd treat myself to some New Lanark wool.
    Thank you for the mention too. Here's hoping the weather improves so at least you can escape the football into the garden. Wishfull thinking though. You may have missed our summer, it being that lovely spell we had in May while you were in Italy...

  4. What a lovely, delicate wrap for her Grandbaby, and such a wonderful stitch pattern for the bolero!

  5. Mr FF is in good company but Prince Philip is back in the saddle now.

    I like the choice of wool and I think that I would get more knitting done with football on the TV.

  6. Hello,
    I recently found the beautiful Kaffe Fassett cardigan in your blog dated 20 January 2011. I have a similar one, and was hoping that you could help me to find out a little about its history. Please could you tell me the Pattern Design and the Yarn it recommended to use?? Thank you very much.

    ps Sorry if you've got this message twice - I've just arrived in Blogland!

  7. Bartonwalker
    If you email me at
    I can give you some info on the cardy.