Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Still living the flip flop dream

We are still here in Lazio although on Saturday we will drive down to Puglia for a week, I'm looking forward to renting someone else's house while ours is occupied by paying guests. We've had great times with our various visitors, nice to be out and about doing touristy things, but now we have settled down to domestic duties, Mr FF is cracking on with his log store and i have so much work to do to restore this house from our personal domain back to a holiday let.
We hope to visit our trullo next week and make some sort of decision about its future, I rather hope we don't fall in love with the ruin and Puglia all over again.
We had a terrific storm here that woke us about 4 on Monday morning, sheet lighting that illuminated most of southern Lazio, scary fork lightning, thunder that rattled the windows and then heavy rain. Usually I enjoy a good storm but being halfway up the mountain made me quite worried. The next couple of days were cooler and fresher but the blue sky and sun are back now and i think I've worn my flip flops for almost 7 weeks none stop, how will I ever fit into proper shoes again. Not something I plan to worry about for a while, when we return from Puglia we will stay here for another 10 days or so because we want to strip the 2 main bedrooms of wallpaper, take up the carpets and get the walls replastered. Then we might leave our car here, fly home for a couple of weeks hopefully to finish off the boiler installation (which I'd almost forgotten about), then fly back here to decorate the bedrooms and drive the car home. I have to say Mr FF has taken very well to retirement, he seems to be keeping us both occupied.


  1. What a life! I think I've been wearing a body-warmer/gilet almost the whole summer

  2. Isn't life sweet? This morning I even kicked off my flip flop/slippers out on the terrazza as the stone tiles were just beginning to get nice and toasty from the rising sun. I hope you'll share some pics from Puglia!

  3. A great time is still being had, by the sounds of it! Don't forget us poor mortals who are still toiling away here in old Blighty! Have fun! Ros