Thursday 8 September 2011


I havent posted for ages, been far too busy being lazy.
We had a fantastic time with Amelia and her parents, they were all delightful company and we did lots of happy things together like spending a day on the beach, being invited to friends for lunch, going out in the evening for pizza and eating lots of ice cream on a daily basis. Amelia was totally accommodating, as long as she got a good breakfast nice and early she fitted in with our plans and charmed every italian man she met, both with her gorgeous eyes and her huge appetite for pasta. You will have to wait to wait for the photos.
The house seemed very empty when they left last Friday, we expected our friends Roger and Christine to arrive the following Tuesday and got all prepared only for them to have their flight cancelled with 12 hours notice when Italy called a general strike. No airport workers, no public transport, no refuse collection, the country fell silent for a day. Fortunately R and C have rebooked for next week so fingers crossed.
So we havent done much since a garden visit to Ninfa last Sunday. I usually doris the house in the mornings, take it easy during th heat of the day and then potter in the garden early evening. Ive weeded a whole border that was very overgrown and done some pruning. Mr FF has made progress with his log store and this afternoon got out his beloved concrete mixer to lay the foundations, this is no slap dash construction I can tell you.
The weather is still wonderful though not the fierce heat we experienced when we arrived so sleeping is easier. Its hard to believe we have been here almost a month, still havent had enough of Lazio but I might admit to the odd craving for fish and chips. We went down to the local pescheria this morning and bought 2 unknown creatures for dinmer, lets hope they do the trick.


  1. I think you are having a wonderful time over there, I think I would too. I hope your pesce turn out well.

  2. Get away with your lovely warm days - its chuffin freezin here!!!! Can I come over? xxxx

  3. Sounds wonderful. Glad you are having a relaxing time. We are battening down the hatches in preparation for the tail end of Hurricane Katia!!!

  4. It is wonderful to hear you are enjoying your time here in Lazio. We have a local restaurant that serves fish in paper which is a fun reminder of UK style! Long may this gorgeous weather last.

  5. Sounds like you are having a really lovely time. I still need more summer sunshine, but I think we've had our share for this year. Ros

  6. I hope the fishes were enough to sustain a man building a log store!