Monday, 31 August 2009

Highlights of the journey

It was a very very long way to Lazio but a smooth and safe journey thanks to Mr FF's driving at least until we got into Italy when he turned up the speed and joined in the madness. Despite missing a proper night's sleep on the way out we didn't seem to suffer at all, took plenty of breaks during which the driver slept on a blanket complete with pillow in the sunshine and we were fortunate to find a good place to stay in Switzerland that really recharged us before going onto Tuscany for 3 nights with Carlo and Irene. Strangely after the journey home we both feel quite jet lagged despite taking things steady and finding a hotel at the end of each days travel. We both agree it was really worthwhile taking the car and though we sometimes got a bit desperate looking for overnight accommodation, we always found what we wanted eventually and next time we will know what is manageable and where we might like to stop off. So, some of the best parts of the journey.
Driving up towards the St Bernard pass and finally arriving in Italy to this view.
First stop on the way home, a night in Innsbruck for wonderful food and beautiful scenery.
Driving blind through Austria as it wasn't on our sat nav but finding the hotel where we spent two weeks walking in 1981. The hotel was still wonderful, we enjoyed a coffee and much reminiscing on the terrace wondering how we ever managed to climb all the surrounding mountains though we were younger and much lighter then.
Spending a night in the no frills Etap Hotel in Nancy, France, which was a bit like sleeping in a cupboard but less than 55 euros including breakfast and perfectly adequate. Next day on our way to the ferry we stopped off in Reins to admire the beautiful cathedral
and the equally lovely patisserie where we enjoyed coffee and cakes. And finally the journey home on the high speed ferry, that wasn't actually that fast and departed late but had such comfy seats and a jolly holiday crowd on board that we forgive them. Still lots to tell you but that's enough for today, back soon.


  1. Beautiful views!

  2. I hope one day hubbie & I can share an adventure such as yours, I love it and great photo's..

  3. I am green with envy Jenny - so many memories for me as well. Can't forget those European patisseries!
    June in Oz

  4. Absolutely beautiful photos!

  5. Sounds like an amazing road trip. I would have had to linger longer in France though. Loving the photos' xxx

  6. Phew! My head is spinning from that whistle-stop tour of Europe. Love your photos, looking forward to hearing more about your travels.

  7. Such fun, Jenny...just loved seeing all your wonderful photos and catching up with your trip! Those mountain views are stunning! Hope you are enjoying settling in at home again. Happy Day, my friend :o) ((HUGS))

  8. I know that we should have walked across to Switzerland to see what the view would be like towards Italy!

    Fantastic highlights, and especially those pastries (my downfall). Again, incredible to hear about the long drive.

  9. Oh wow! What fantastic scenery! The cakes in the patisserie look way too tempting. Good job we didn't find one of those up in Yorkshire. Sounds like you've had a thorougly good time. Did you get any knitting done? :) x Ros