Saturday, 1 August 2009

Tea with Mrs FlipFlops

A while ago I made this felted tea cozy, it was enormous when I first knit it and though it felted up quite nicely it was still large.
I decided the other day it would be useful to knit another to take out to Italy, the land of teapot shortages and so no need to stock cozies. I couldn't for the life of me remember where my original pattern came from so I winged it, casting on 150 stitches and starting to decrease them after a while using up a fair amount of stash wool in the process. I put the old and new cosies into the washer together with the bathmat and gave them all a 90 degree boil up. Excellent, the original cozy shrunk some more and is no longer of industrial size and the second one is just right. A new teapot and the Yorkshire Tea are packed so that's a good start to the preparations for our epic journey.No need to guess what I shall be doing this weekend, it involves cases, crates, boxes and bubble wrap.


  1. bubble wrap? love that stuff. i have a craziness for it!

  2. How exciting - Have a great time. xxxx

  3. Hoping all goes well making ready for the move... and that comforting tea is at the ready at all times ;o) Happy Weekend, Jenny ((HUGS))

  4. Have a wonderful, wonderful time in Italy! You lucky thing, going out there!
    Your teapot cosy is fab, and will no doubt get lots of admiring glances.
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  5. Love the cosies! Made me smile to think of them 'in there' with the bath mat! I keep wishing you a 'happy holiday'. I guess it must be getting closer! :D

  6. Hi Jenny, Love the tea cosy, i made one "once", lol but mine still seems a bit big, but at least i can say i have done one, lol and We seem to be coffee drinkers here, (unless its craft day, then it comes into its own).
    Is ur move to Italy a holiday or permanent, exciting either way.
    Hope your week is full of relaxing moments. And lots of bubble wrap....xox