Monday 24 June 2024

Home again

We arrived back in Yorkshire last Wednesday evening, that journey from Lazio doesn’t get any easier.  Our first two overnights were in Bergamo, we’ve discovered that getting back in the car for the day 4 mornings in a row is just too much.  So we had a lovely second day swimming in the pool and relaxing on the sunny balcony of our apartment before heading off for dinner in the old walled city.  We left early with the intention of strolling to the restaurant, we weren’t exactly sure where it was and of course it was at the very top of the town.  We ended up taking the funicular up and down the last stretch but we still walked over 6 miles, it was beautiful.

Back in the car next morning we drove to the champagne region of France to an elegant small hotel that was new to us in a pretty little village that we found time to walk round,  it didn’t disappoint.  

Our room was spacious and calm, we had an excellent dinner and fortunately breakfast started at 6.30 so we left in good time catching an earlier ferry than we’d booked.  Just over 12 hours after leaving our hotel we were home.

We are taking a long time to recover, fortunately we brought the sun back with us and have been sitting out on our balcony resting, taking gentle walks and watching a lot of football.  We have the bifold doors open all day and the windows are open day and night, it feels like we are finally on holiday after all the work in Lazio, which is now having a heatwave with temperatures in the high 30s.  This week we have friends here on two days, MrFF has a walk with his group and on Friday fittings arrive to build more wardrobe space and a dressing table in our spare room, holiday over.

Best news of all, our little cat Vincenzo has moved up the mountain to live with Giovanni as we all hoped he would, we left food and treats there for him and Giovanni sends regular reports. 


  1. Welcome home and thank you for bringing us a bit of sun.

  2. We have just come back from 4 weeks in Italy/France. We took our time over the last couple of days enjoying Colmar and a small village in the middle of nowhere. Glorious!
    We have yet to visit Bergamo but hopefully next year!

  3. Really appreciate you dragging the sun home with you. I was beginning to think it would never shine again as I slowly rusted away in the rain.

  4. Very wise to space out your travels. I'm sure you feel more refreshed and will get back to normal more quickly.

  5. That is good news about your cat. Enjoy easing back into Yorkshire life. As you might guess, I'm hiding from the sun and hoping for snow.

  6. I'm happy Vincenzo will have a nice home...
    Happy week at home!